Phonon Testnet FAQ

Phonon Testnet FAQ & QSG
Word of warning to all you "would be warriors": 'usage of the phonon protocol is extremely addictive

Table of Contents

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    Why Participate?
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    Quick Start Guide
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    Task List Incentives
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    Incentives Distribution
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    When is the Official Phonon Testnet Launch Date?
  • August 3rd, 2022
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    How does an individual participate in the Phonon Testnet?
  • In order to participate within the Phonon Protocol Testnet interested parties will need to purchase the Phonon Developer Kit - attested, verified and sold exclusively by GridPlus at GridPlus - Phonon DevKit​
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    What is the Phonon Testnet Kit?
This Phonon Developer Kit includes everything you need to send and receive Phonons. Are you a dev wanting to be first to market with Phonons killer app? This DevKit is the place to start! If you already have a card reader you can get a pack of just phonon cards. As Such, each Testnet Kit Includes:
  • Two (2x) Card Readers
  • Two (2x) 2 Phonon cards.
- Phonon TestNet Kit Price: $129 - [GridPlus - Phonon DevKit](


Why should I be eager to participate, own, use, transact, contribute possibly program on the Phonon Protcol?
  • The Phonon Protocol is possibly one of the most revolutionary innovations within the most disruptive industries of all times. Simply put Phonon allows any individual to "zap" native, digital, cryptoassets off-chain instantly AND for free.
  • These newly 'off-chain zapped assets' can be safely stored and/or transacted with when zapped off chain.
  • They are secured by each individual card's unique PUF (Physically Unclonable Function) Chip.
  • The benefits of having crypto assets stored on physical cards and capable of being transacted with off-chain are that we Finally begin to fufill the real promise of P2P Electronic Cash Transactions. (As first envionsed by David Chaum in 1982). Cryptocurrency Transactions as they should be private at the consumer level.
While the Phonon Protocol is a fee-less, hardware-secure, scalable, private and blockchain agnostic protocol that by definiton does not live within any particular chain - the $Phonon Token is an Ethereum Mainnet ERC-20 Governance Token.
Incentivized Testnet
Yessir. This will be an **incentivized Testnet**. The subsection contains the requried steps in order to collect your **$Phonon Tokens**. A special **POAP** will also be claimable for all participants.

Quick-Start-Guide :

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    Plug in Card Reader
  2. 2.
    Insert Phonon Card into Card Reader
  3. 3.
    Install Client from:
  4. 4.
    Run the Executable File.
  5. 5.
    Navigate to : http://localhost:8080/
  6. 6.
    Click Initialize on your Card.
  7. 7.
    Set 6 digit PIN number.
  8. 8.
    Now Click Unlock and enter the 6 digit PIN.
  9. 9.
    Click Receive at the top of the screen.
  10. 10.
    Copy the card address that is listed.
  11. 11.
    Navigate to
  12. 12.
    Paste the card address that you copied into the Card ID sections.
  13. 13.
    Save the config token to your home directory.

Tesnet Tasklist: Objectives.

In order to collect your rewards please complete the steps below.
In order to collect your rewards please complete the steps below.
1. Get Set Up
Purchase a Testnet kit from at the link above. Install the Phonon Client Application on your computer. Once you receive your Test Kit, register both of your card ID's along with an Ethereum address at and configure your Phonon Client with the Telemetry Key you'll receive. Once configured, your phonon client will automatically ship logs back to the testnet team, which will be used to check the completion of the other objectives. At the conclusion of the testnet, rewards will be sent to the Ethereum address associated with your card IDs.
2. Create 10 Asset-backed Phonons > They need to be made up of two different currencies and at least three different denominations.
3. Connect & Send
Identify an independent counterparty via the Phonon Discord #testnet channel. Send and receive at least 1 asset-backed Phonon between the two of you.
4. Mine two Native Phonon (nPhonon) > These mined nPhonons will need to include one with at least a difficulty value of 20 bits and one with at least 24 bits
5. Send a nPhonon > Find a counterparty via Discord and send a Native Phonon to them.
Bonus Penetration Testing Objectives
These will not be achievable by every testnet participant and are not even guaranteed to be possible at all, but they would provide valuable knowledge to the testnet team, and the rewards are higher for those clever enough to accomplish them
  • B.1 - First person to provably duplicate a phonon private key or doublespend a Phonon on a testnet card - 50,000 Phonon - Duplication or doublespends of Phonons should be impossible according to the Phonon protocol logic programmed on the testnet cards, but we want to know now if anyone is able to find a yet to be uncovered method of circumventing the protocol's design.
Proof should be provided by contacting the testnet team via discord and arranging to send two copies of the duplicated/doublespent private key to a team member for independent verification. If the method of duplication or doublespend does not allow this for reason, any other verifiable method of proof may be used to satisfy this requirement, at the testnet team's discretion.
  • B.2 - First person to provably extract a testnet phonon card's identity private key - 50,000 Phonon - A phonon card's identity private key allows a phonon card to prove it's authenticity as running a genuine and secure phonon applet. This private key should never be exported or revealed, as that would allow an attacker to craft fraudulent software that masquerades as a genuine participant in the phonon protocol. Again, if someone can currently find a way to do this, we'd like to know now.
You have completed the Tasks and will be awarded accordingly. The DAO will verify that you've completed the tasks succesfully and you will be able to claim your rewards when testnet concludes. Also be sure to join the our Discord and keep up with any updates. Participants will also be able to claim a special **POAP** upon completion that will grant acess to future rewards and even more goodies.

Incentives Distribution

  • Base rewards for completing the regular tasks are $250usd denominated in $Phonon
  • Bonus Rewards however are in excess of $10,000usd for any participant who manages to complete them.