So you want to be a Phonon DAO Working Group Lead

So You Want to be a Working Group Lead

So you want to be a Phonon DAO Working Group Lead

By: Andrew Byrley
Image by Banan Tarr
Working Group Leads are the heart and soul of the Phonon DAO governance structure, as well as our main mechanism to accomplish goals. This blog post serves as a step-by-step guide on how to get elected as a Working Group Lead to manage your own working group, as described in our governance structure.


You must be a member of Phonon DAO (i.e., a Phonon DAO Token holder) to be a Working Group Lead. There must also be an open election window (check in our Discord for more details about the next election window). This guide assumes you already have an idea for a Working Group and have thought through your needs and goals.
To nominate yourself as a Working Group Lead, you don’t need to write a tome, but you must answer these questions:
  • Discord Handle
  • Involvement thus far in the Phonon DAO
  • Proposed Working Group and description
  • Working Group goals, be specific
  • How will you measure success?
  • Budget required to meet these goals during the term, including compensation
  • How will you administer funds? (we recommend a multisig for budgets greater than $10,000)
  • Why is this Working Group needed now?
  • How does this Working Group fit into the Phonon DAO Long-Term Strategic Plan? If it doesn’t, how should the Strategic Plan be updated?


The DAO expects you to meet your goals with the resources you specify during the nomination process. We also expect you to be a good team player and communicator, both with your peers on the DAO Council, as well as with your constituents in the DAO at-large. You will be expected to attend at least one monthly DAO-wide meeting.

Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming a Working Group Lead

Phase I: Create Your Nomination Post on Discourse

1. Head over to (create an account if you haven’t already) and click on the + to create a post.
2. Give your proposal a descriptive title (e.g., “Proposal: Operation Black Dahlia Working Group”), make sure you select the “Working Group Leads Nominations” category, and add your proposal to the body.
3. At the end of your proposal, add a single choice poll “Do you approve of this proposal?” with options Approve and Disapprove.
4. Click the Create Topic button to submit your proposal.

Phase II: Engage with the DAO and respond to feedback

Now that your nomination is live, expect the DAO to ask questions and provide feedback. Some may ask you to tweak your proposal before they are willing to vote for your working group — this is normal and to be expected. Be engaging in responding to questions and feedback. Should you decide to tweak your proposal, add a section at the very end explaining your change, as well as the date.
After your proposal has been on Discourse for five days, close the vote. If at least 5 people voted in your poll and you have a simple majority’s approval, you can move to Phase III. If you didn’t get 5 people to vote, or the majority voted against your proposal, you may start again at Phase I, provided there’s still enough time in the election window to complete all the phases.

Phase III: Create a Snapshot vote

  1. 1.
    Head over to the Phonon DAO Snapshot and click New Proposal.
2. Give your snapshot a descriptive title (e.g., Working Group Approval: Operation Black Dahlia), and paste the link to your Discourse post into the Discussion field. For the Description, add something simple, such as:
This snapshot is for approval of the Operation Black Dahlia Working Group.
Click Continue.
3. Under Voting system, choose the Basic voting option.
4. For Voting period, choose a period that starts Now and ends at least 5 calendar days (120 hours) in the future. Click Publish.
Your Snapshot is now live! If you achieve a simple majority approval and at least 10% of Phonon DAO Tokens (from circulating supply) have voted, then your Working Group is approved, and you are a Working Group Lead — congratulations!
If your Snapshot vote fails, you may start again at Phase I, provided there’s still enough time in the election window to complete all the phases.

Tips & Tricks

If you are thinking of a Working Group that would require a team, start trying to build now! Feel free to discuss your ideas in Discord for preliminary feedback before drafting something for Discourse.
I believe we will only be able to succeed when we help each other. With that in mind (and as long as this sentence still exists in this post), I would be happy to read over your proposals to provide feedback. Hit me up here, Twitter, or Discord. Happy governing!